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EASYCHARGE.me GmbH is a German based company which specializes on designing, producing and implementing smart solutions for electric vehicles. Our vision is to provide fast and affordable access to charging infrastructure for SME's, corporate or private customers. We hope that our technical solutions will help to boost and speed up a process of mobility electrification in the world. 

Our company was found in the beginning of 2014. From January 2016 we became part of Uniper. Being a part of Uniper brings a lot of great possibilities not only for our young company, but also for our customers. By partnering with such a strong company we are able to deliver outstanding level of quality for our products and services. Our company specializes on smart hardware solutions bundled with innovative software. In general we are open to cooperate with any software or hardware producer in order to bring ultimate value to customers. If you think you have an innovative hardware, or software solution and you want to partner, feel free to contact us anytime.

Our headquarters is in Dusseldorf, Germany. This geographical position allows us to easily access most European markets with our product. We are also planning to open branches and sell our products in US, Japan, China and other countries. Uniper is already active in many countries world wide, therefore we will continue to expand our activities in the near future.

Our team is always ready to discuss your suggestions, questions or simply to have a great talk about electric mobility. Feel free to contact us via "Contact Us" section on our web.