300-Million-Euro-Funding Program of the BMVI

Have you already considered electric mobility projects for your company?
Now is the ideal time for your investment to generate sustainable competitive advantages.
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Electric mobility becomes a significant part of businesses, cities or private people‘s day to day live. New technology brings a challenge in ways on how to adapt and incorporate those systems into existing or new infrastructures.


Introducing our ceiling mounted charging staion for electric vehicles. A unique movable arm technology along side with premium materials means no compromises are being made! Perfectly fits for any indoor garage.
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Street light charger

This unique charging station can be simply mounted on street lamps or other street furniture. Getting its electricity from there, this charging solution is flexible, affordable and provides a wide variety of smart functions.
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Enter the world of future technology. We are proud to introduce our latest concept for innovative charging solutions - a charging station with a projector. Having a projector will allow companies to show advertisment in real time and even modify it in real time through our special backend system.
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At EASYCHARGE.me we provide the full spectrum of products and services to cover absolutely all needs which may arise from an upcoming electric mobility boom. Whether you need a home charging station or hardware and software products as a white label concept, we are ready to provide them in a quick and affordable way.

EASYCHARGE.me GmbH is a German based company which specializes on designing, producing and implementing smart solutions for electric vehicles. Our vision is to provide fast and affordable access to charging infrastructure for SME's, corporate or private customers. We hope that our technical solutions will help to boost and speed up a process of mobility electrification in the world.

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